Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense has been one of my favorites since the beginning of my oily journey.  It has a nice musky, woodsy, calming aroma


Fun Facts:

  • Did you know along with it being a given as a gift to baby Jesus it has also been referenced in the bible 52 times?
  • Legend has it, the trees only grew in the most inhospitable mountainous places which were guarded by dragon-like creatures which would strike at any intruder.
  •  Harvesting Frankincense is a time consuming process and is still collected the same way as it was many years ago, by hand.  A special knife is used to scrap down a small portion of the tree’s bark. Milky liquid races to the surface, later solidifying to a resin to protect the tree’s water from escaping.    10 days later, the resin is scraped off and the tree is cut in the same place a second time.  The second wave of sap that rushes to the surface is still unusable but is more aromatic.   When the tree is cut a 3rd time,  it is a yellow-brown color and is very aromatic.  The tree is cut up to 7 times during the season in 5 different places.  Each cut produces more resin than the previous – up to 90% more with the 7th cut.  The tree is then rested.
    • The Resin is then placed in caves to harden for several months.  It is then crushed up into a powder and is steam distilled to extract the essential oils.   It takes one year to produce the oil, from the time the first cut is made in the tree bark to when it is bottled.    This lengthy process is the reason behind this being a more costly oil.
  • Frankincense was traded over 5,000 years ago through spice and incense routes in North Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula.  It was regarded more valuable than gold.  It was also found in King Tut’s Tomb.  It scented the Egyptian Temples to  honor Ra and Horus.    It has also been said that Queen Sheba brought Frankincense trees as a special gift for King Solomon which was a strong sign of honor and respect.  Unfortunately, the trees didn’t survive as they were moved out of the arid conditions needed to survive.


Vitality Line:

Frankincense Essential oil is available in Young Living’s Vitality line.  This means it’s been approved by the FDA to use internally.  Add a drop or two into a capsule or a favorite drink to take internally for cell health and overall well being.

Some uses:

  • Frankincense is a wonderful spiritual oil. Diffuse while doing Yoga or meditating.
  • Wear it over your heart or third eye Chakra during times where you are in a spiritual setting, or trying to increase your own spirituality.
  • Add a drop or two to your moisturizer to improve your skin quality.  You can also apply neat (no carrier) to your face.
  • Inhale from the bottle, diffuse or apply topically to help ease feelings of nervous tension.
  • Apply topically to the nape of neck and along hairline for head tension.
  • Apply topically along spine to support overall health.


Sciency stuff:

It is filled with Monoterpenes (the feel good compound) and Sesquiterpenes.    Sesquiterpenes are amazing as they deliver oxygen to the brain cells, erase or rewrite codes in our DNA. As well as stimulate the limbic system of our brain.

Safety Tips:

Frankincense is a mild oil, but as with all Essential oils, until you know how your body will react it’s best to dilute before use.


Blends well with:

  • Bergamot
  • Clary Sage
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Myrrh
  • Orange
  • Patchouli
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver

June 2018 Wellness Box Order

My order this month is awesome! It’s mostly all new items I’ve never used before, with a small handful of restock items.  I had two orders this month, one full of convention goodies, and then a second Essential Reward order!

The Wellness Box is received through the Essential Rewards Program.  This is a monthly autoship program where I can select the items I want every month. I get free items, discounted shipping, and points back to put towards products in the future – for free.  What store lets you do this?  Sorry Target, not sorry.

Let’s start with Convention items!

First up, two essential oils that were only available at the convention.  I am mentioning these just in case Young Living decides to make them available for purchase in the future, or if you have a friend who has them are are willingly share! 🙂

Freedom Essential oil –

This is one I didn’t realize I needed until  I did more research on it.  It’s formulated to help you release anything emotionally that holds you back from reaching your true potential.  I have been searching for a good meditation oil to use and I think this will be my go-to for a while. The aroma is pleasant and calming. It’s been recommended also to diffuse at night to help with restless sleep.

  • Note: This blend contains Rue Essential oil and is photosensitive.


Journey On Essential Oil –

Gary formulated this oil for the World Peace Caravan several years ago. In honor of Gary, Young Living allowed us to purchase it during convention.   It is formulated to inspire us to celebrate our own uniqueness, to inspire our own personal journey, find inner peace and our spiritual awareness.  I smelled this at convention and I didn’t like it, but I got it anyway.  The more I have smelled it since arriving home, the more I just love it and can’t wait to use it regularly.


Kidscents MightyPro Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplement

This is a new supplement for our kiddos. It contains over 8 billion active, live cultures across eight strains.  It also has immune boosting properties which means less sick days, yes!  It is a powder formula that comes in a small pouch that doesn’t have to be refrigerated which means it’s great for on the go.  The kids can eat it directly out of the pouch, in water or cereal.  I personally think it’s just a little on the tart side, but so yummy!

Orange Blossom  Moisturizer-

I have used this moisturizer for the last few weeks and I love it!  When I apply it, it absorbs right into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy.   It’s designed to help your skin maintain the amount of moisture balance your skin needs, which means it controls excess oil and shine.  It has a yummy scent and is hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin and vegan-friendly.


Onto my normal Wellness Box order!

Bar soaps –

This is a new one for us to try.  We got Lemon Sandalwood and Peppermint Cedarwood.  These clean and invigorate our skin.  Lather. Wash. Rinse.  Just yummy smelling soaps without all the chemicals that are bad for your health and skin.


Deep Relief 10ml Roll on –

I sell this a lot to friends and co-workers so I always have an extra on hand for them.  This is excellent for sore muscles and joints.  If your job is physically demanding, this is a great oil to use after a hard day. Or use it after a hard work out.  It contains Peppermint and Wintergreen Essential oils which leaves a cool and refreshing sensation on our skin.  Not to mention, it reminds me of winter any time I use it.


Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser

Happy birthday to me! I bought this for myself on behalf of my husband. Ha!    It’s a small, handheld personal diffuser that fits very comfortably in your hand.  It runs for 30 seconds and turns off.  It has an 8ml water reservoir that you fill with water and a few drops of your preferred essential oil.  Use it around your space, or face and neck to invigorate yourself. Also, use it over your body to help freshen up after traveling. Mine currently has Valor in it.  It’s been a wonderful edition to my life and it will definitely be going with me on our camping trip in a few weeks!


Mirah Shave Oil

Yep, you read that right. Shave OIL.  I thought this was crazy the first time I heard about it. Why would you shave your legs and pits with oil?  After using this for a year, my question back to you is, why not?   I haven’t cut myself once with the razor since I switched to using Mirah. I don’t get razor bumps or razor burn and it leaves my legs feeling soft and smooth. Shaving cream pulls the moisture from your skin, Mirah Shave oil moisturizes your skin.  Try it once.  Message me, I’ll even send you a sample.  I promise you, you’ll throw away your shaving cream afterwards.


Thieves Dish Soap

We have been using this Dish soap for close to a year.  Even my super picky husband loves it!  It’s completely plant based and smells like Christmas Morning.  Many “green” soaps contain a synthetic preservative which can lead to allergies.  This soap has no dyes, chemicals, synthetic anything.  It cleans our dishes really well and it’s completely safe for little hands who like to help do the dishes!


NingXia Zyng 12pk –

This is a sparkling pick-me-up drink.  I lived on this and Slique bars for three days during convention. Seriously.   It is made of wolfberry Puree, blackberry juice, pepper and lime Essential oil, and tea tree extract.  It has 35mg of caffeine, 8g of sugar and is only 35 calories!   It’s really tasty.  Throw a can in your lunch box as a pick me up after lunch, or drink before you head to the gym to give you a little burst of energy.  No jitters. No crash.  It is becoming a fast favorite of mine!



Orange Vitality Essential oil

I love orange anything.  This has been approved for internal use by the FDA.  Add a few drops to your brownies, pancakes, French toast, cupcakes, smoothies, or your water for a refreshing taste.  I love diffusing it with a wood oil (Northern Lights Black Spruce usually) as it balances the earthy with a sweet scent.  It’s uplifting, calming and soothing.   Also, add a drop with your toothpaste for a bright smile.


If you have any questions on the above or want to give something a try, send me a message!






Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise

There are dozens if not hundreds of essential oil companies out there.   How in the world are you supposed to know which brand is the best?  They all smell differently from each other, so how do you know which ones are true essential oil, and which ones have been adulterated?    The only way to know is to look at the company itself.  What are their farming practices? How do they do their testing?  Can you visit their farms for yourself or are they buying their products from 3rd parties using pesticides?

Young Living established a Seed to Seal promise over 20 years ago in order to ensure the essential oils produced are the best of the best.


Let’s dive in!



Young Living works with botanists, agronomists and other scientists to identify the plant genus and species to ensure the seeds, cuttings and plants are the correct ones and will produce the greatest benefits documented by scientific research and historical use!



Cultivation practices are key for all plants that are used for essential oil production.  Young Living controls and documents the health of the soil regularly by monitoring temperatures, rainfall and/or irrigation, rotating crops, fertilizers and composting.   They also track the country of origin and the species for every plant.  Visits are also made to partner, vendor and co-op farms to ensure the practices are in line with Young Living’s goals and visions.



Our distilleries are all made of glass or stainless steel to ensure toxins from plastics are not leached into the essential oils.  Distillation data is collected including volume of plant material, needed curing time, temperature of the steam, how long the plants need to distill for, how much oil is made in each batch, and the harvest location.

Young Living uses ancient and modern techniques of steam distillation for plant material (Lavender, peppermint, jasmine, Juniper), hydro-distillation for oil that comes from tree resin, (copaiba, myrrh, frankincense) or  cold pressing the rinds of fruits to produce the highest quality of Essential oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange).



Our oils must be completely natural, come from one specific species of plant, and not diluted or adulterated in any way.  To ensure this is the case every time, the distilled essential oil goes through a series of tests that will check for pesticides and other chemical and synthetic compounds that should not be present in the oil.  A Certificate of Analysis is then created for every batch of oil with specific information regarding the origin and test results.



Once the oils have been approved, they are batched with a number, tested again and then sent to the bottling team to process.  With the information provided, if there are any questions, they are able to trace the batch back to the distillation from where it came.  Once the products are bottled, they are sent to members globally.


In a nutshell, Seed to Seal is the process that controls the production of every essential oil from the farm to the labeled bottle ready to be sold. These values are the foundation on which the entire company operates, from the farms to the corporate offices.

Seed to seal

I chose the quote in the picture for this post because I feel its important to emphasize Gary’s vision.  His mission is to have essential oils in every home because the benefits are so huge.  He lost millions of dollars over the course of a few years because he refused to use a different species of plants or to buy it from vendors when stock ran out or the crops failed.  If all he cared about was profit, the Seed to Seal would not be in place.  It’s too easy to water down essential oils and slap a “100% essential oil” verbiage on the label. Which is done every day because the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils.   It takes courage to spend the extra time and money researching to make sure it’s done the right way.  Gary paved the path for the essential oils we know and love today.



“Freedom” Convention 2018

First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of posting the last few weeks. I left for Utah on June 7th and spent some much needed time with my family before participating in the Young Living 2018 convention. It was just what we needed. We spent time camping, boating, riding rafts and trying not to melt in the heat!



Onto the convention!

We kicked off our week of the convention hanging out at the Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah. One of my favorite things about Young Living is their total transparency. Other than the distillery, there is no part of the farm that requires you to have an escort. You are able to walk the fields, where you will see an imperfect crop dotted with weeds as they hand pick their weeds. They also use the remaining plant material after distillation on their fields as an all natural “pesticide.” No chemicals touch their plants. Ever.

The farm is beautiful with gazebos, streams, ponds, lots of grass and a jousting arena. They also have farm animals on hand, lots of horses as well as their show and competition Percheron and Frisian horses. The farm is nestled in the valley next to the Wasatch Mountains and is a spectacular view. If you have never been before, and you live close, I suggest going and seeing all there is to see on a non-event day. You’ll have pretty much the entire place to yourself. You can see and do what you want. Then when you go back for an event, which I highly recommend doing, you can focus on doing the few activities that are available that day for the event, like planting in the field, or watching the Jousting tournament.

The three days following the farm were filled with lots of speakers and workshops including Mel Robins and Eric Worre. The content was very inspirational and helped me shift my focus and perspective. The theme this year was Freedom, and it was just what I needed. Freedom means:

  • Freedom from a life of working at a job where you aren’t appreciated or paid what you’re worth.
  • Freedom from being financially stuck.
  • Freedom from not doing what you want with your time.
  • Freedom to live your life the way you want to live it.

These are all things I’m working towards for our family. I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you!


One message that resonated with me the most during this time was the vision of the company, Gary’s vision. He had crazy hopes, dreams and aspirations. When the world threw mud at him for wanting to bring essentials oils to the world, he wiped it off and kept pushing. When he was told his product was not suitable for network marketing, he made it happen anyway. He knew that was the only way to truly make sure these products reached the ends of the earth. When his body continued to break down, he pushed through the pain and worked in the fields along side the workers. He lived out his vision of getting aid, wellness, health and abundance into every home in the world. Along with all of this, a foundation was formed to help people in need.

The D. Gary Young Foundation has gone on to:

  • Treat infected children and adults with Malaria in Uganda.
  • Working to end human-trafficking and slavery in Cambodia, U.S., U.K. and Norway.
  • Built an Academy in Ecuador that now educates 200 students a year K-12. 3 Graduating classes have successfully come from this program with many going on to college.
  • Rebuilt 100 houses and the school in Yarsa, Nepal that were destroyed in the earthquake a few years ago.

I am so proud to be apart of this company and the positive influence they have had on my family and the thousands of lives they are positively affecting around the world.

If you want to learn more about the foundation you can learn more, here.

To become a member of this amazing company, you can do that, here.

May 2018 Order

My May order arrived yesterday and I’ve already got my post done about it. I’m pretty dang proud of myself today.  So here goes!


Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner –

Yep, Young Living even makes shampoo and conditioner!  Many of the shampoos and conditioners on the market contain ingredients such as Methylisothiazolinone or Sodium Laureth Sulfate.  These ingredients can cause allergies and/or irritations to the skin, eyes and lungs.  As well as cause issues with our reproductive system. Totally scary, right!?     I have been using this shampoo and conditioner combo for about a year now. It took me a little while to adjust because it doesn’t suds up like a typical shampoo does, but my hair is much less dry and looks a lot more healthy.  Plus it’s infused with Lavender and Peppermint essential oils which makes for a pleasant tingly sensations before washing out.


Aroma Guard Deodorant – Meadow Mist –

No one likes to stink! That’s for sure!  Did you know about all the harmful ingredients in our deodorant though, you guys?   Here are two scary ones:  Talc.  Talc is a common ingredient in most of our personal hygiene products.  It can cause respiratory and skin irritations.  It’s also a possible carcinogen. Ladies, we’re putting this next to our boobies! And all over our lymph nodes!  What?  No,  thank you!  Aluminum Zircon. Aluminum in large amounts is definitely toxic.  They say that as long as the restrictions for use of the product are clearly labeled and followed it should be fine. But have you heard of bio-accumulation?  It “is the accumulation of substances, such as pesticides, or other chemicals in an organism.*”  This means the little bits of chemicals and metals we put in our body continues to accumulate over time and often times the accumulation is faster than our body can process and excrete – which often time leads to serious illnesses and diseases.  Again, no thanks! I have used Meadow Mist Deodorant for about a year.   It is not a typical deodorant and you may stink, but after you go through a detox process it’s not so bad.   And really our armpits are supposed to stink.  It’s part of the job of the armpits. Google it, if you don’t believe me.


Gentle Baby 5ml – 

This is a very loved oil in my home.  It’s a soothing and calming blend of several oils including Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.  I diffuse it in the evening to help us wind.  Or at bedtime in my toddlers room to help him stay more calm and mellow.  It is also great for your skin and has been used in DIY baby creams.  I have also heard of mom’s applying it to their chest for their infants to inhale to increase bonding and nurtured feelings.


Progessence Plus Serum

This serum contains natural progesterone which supports women’s hormonal health.   It helps our bodies to be in balance and affects our overall function.   The natural progesterone comes from the Wild Yam Complex. It also contains a slew of essential oils, Vitamin E and coconut oil.  It is 100% natural and contains no synthetic hormone chemicals.  Because it is lipid based, it still seeps through our skin to our blood vessels.  I use this on my forearms every day and definitely notice a difference when I don’t use it.   I feel like the increase in the progesterone has had a positive effect on my monthly cycles, and that’s all I’m sayin’.


Valor 5ml – 

Liquid courage in a bottle.  This oil blend promotes feelings of empowerment, courage and strength.   I wear it daily in a homemade roller bottle blend to help me feel at the top of my game every day.  I often diffuse this at night for a peaceful night’s sleep.  Rumor also has it, that it’s great for your other half who saws logs very loudly at night. 🙂


Thieves Household Cleaner – 

The best household cleaner around.  No, I promise.  This is the only cleaner we have used in my home for the last 15 months.  It cleans and disinfects windows, wood, carpet stains, clothes stains, mirrors, countertops.  This cleaner is highly concentrated and one capful in a 16 oz bottle is all you need to get your clean on!  My friend even did a Petri Dish Test with this cleaner.  Check out the results here.  One of my favorite things about this cleaner is it’s safe for babies and dogs.  I spray this directly on my 2 year old’s toys as a “Spray and go” to kill all the yucky germs, especially when we’re all feeling under the weather.  Another amazing thing about this cleaner?  Since it’s thieves it has immune boosting properties and smells like Christmas.   ‘Nough said.


Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste  2 oz. 5pk –

The average American uses about 20 gallons of toothpaste during their entire life.  A lot of the chemicals in the everyday toothpaste is absorbed sublingually under our tongue and directly into our blood stream.   Typical toothpastes have Triclosan (which used to be found in hand sanitizer), Polyethylene (the most common plastic ingredient.  It also pollutes our water and causes skin irritations.)  and Diethanolamine (known respiratory toxicant and a suspected carcinogen).  Thieves toothpaste makes my whole mouth feel clean. It cleans off any build up and is delicate on the enamel. It’s a plant based formula as well so no synthetic dyes, chemicals or any other crazy ingredients that are bad for my family’s health!  Plus, no more “Oh man, I should NOT have eaten pizza right after brushing my teeth!”




Lime Vitality 5ml – 

Remember, Vitality means it’s safe to consume! I love drinking lime in my water or adding a few drops to my lemonade to make a Lemon-lime aide.  So good!  It would also be fun to bake in some cookies or cupcakes this summer!    Not only is this oil delicious but it supports your immune system and helps your body to detox.  You can apply it topically as well to your lungs to get your tushy moving on your mile long to do list!   I do also diffuse the non-vitality version of Lime commonly with Bergamot to lift my mood on hard days.


Peace & Calming 5 ml –

The very first time I diffused this oil I couldn’t handle it. I thought it smelled like mold and I was quickly grabbing for something to diffuse with it to cover up the stanky smell.  However, the more I have used it the more I have come to love this oil blend, and I don’t smell the stank anymore. Just the citrus and it’s so good.   This oil is for everything Peace & Calming. After a long day at work, during the day when your kids are going bonkers, in the evening time to help everyone settle down before bed time, or during the night while you sleep.  This is one of the many oils I will be diffusing on the car ride to Utah next week.


Eucalyptus Radiata 15ml –

Young Living carries 3 different types of Eucalyptus oils.  This is one of the more gentle oils and is one I definitely underutilize.  I use it most commonly on my chest to help me breathe more deeply.  Diffusing it will provide a similar result while stimulating and rejuvenating your home environment.   You can also add a few drops with coconut or olive oil to help moisturize your hair and scalp.


*Sourced from

April 2018 Order

Alright, I’m a total slacker, I know.  May is almost over and I’m just getting April’s order listed.  Which means I’ll have May’s up in no time!


Without Further Ado:


Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 10

This is a restock from last summer.  I used this on all three of my boys (including my then 1 year old) and myself all summer.   Don’t let the SPF 10 freak you out.  You really only need up to 30 SPF.  Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t done their research.  Learn more about sunscreen here.   We applied this every two hours, as directed and had great success!


Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

This diaper rash cream is among the best I’ve ever used.  I threw away my OTC creams.  It’s THAT good.  It’s completely toxin free and smells like a dream.  This is specifically designed for infants, but I use it on my toddler and it works wonders when his little bum looks sad.


Savvy Minerals Make Up Eyeliner Brush

A friend recommended an angled brush to use with my powder eye liner. I used it for a while and had good results with it but I wanted to try Young Living’s eyeliner brush.  It’s double sided.  One side has long straight fibers which make applying eyeliner a breeze! I have much more control with this brush than with the angled one.  The other side is a very thin angled brush that I use for my eyebrows.  I can’t say enough about this brush. I really can’t!  The brush is also vegan free!


Savvy Minerals Lip GlossAnchors Aweigh

This is a new color!  I am not usually a big lip gloss gal, but I really like the feel of this one. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling gunked up or sticky.  My lips are soft and smooth.  All lip glosses have peppermint essential oil in them to give your lips a natural plumping!


Savvy Minerals MultiTaskerDark

This is a little more dark than I expected it to be. I’ll be mixing it with lighter colors to achieve something that I feel comfortable wearing.  A lot of women I know will use it as eye liner, eyebrow liner, eye shadow, or as lip liner.


Deep Relief Roll-on 10 ml

This was the oil that got us started with Young Living.  It is our go to after a hard day of work for my hubby, or an exhausting work out for myself.  It was formulated to support our muscles and joints.  The Peppermint and Wintergreen oils also leave a refreshing cooling sensation on the skin – and it smells oh, so good!


Northern Lights Black Spruce 15ml

Grown on our Farm in Northern Canada, the black spruce oil is distilled from the entire tree.  The Aurora Borealis dances above the farm regularly, infusing the trees with its energy.  This is one of my most favorite tree and grounding oils.  Most men prefer this oil as well for the woodsy scent.  I like to diffuse this to help me calm down during a stressful day, or at night with Orange for a calming aroma and a peaceful night of sleep.


Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 3 pk

The only hand purifier we use!  Nearly 2 years ago the FDA banned 19 ingredients that were found in our soaps and hand sanitizers as they were linked to endocrine disruption and reproductive and developmental harm!  Doctors use sanitizer every time before they touch you. It’s in the schools, day care, nurseries.  Everywhere.  Enter Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier.  This comes in a small, on the go bottle and smells like Christmas. It also leaves my hands feel soft and smooth. I don’t hesitate putting this on my toddler’s skin either!


Stress Away 15ml –

Does just what it says!  Most stay at home momma’s bathe in this daily.  Okay, not really, but you get my drift.  With Lime, Copaiba and Vanilla Extract it helps to promote calm feelings and melt away your stress.  Wear it on your chest, or on your wrists to help you stay calm.  Diffuse it when the kids get home from school or huff it from the bottle when you’re feeling overwhelmed on a huge project for work.  No matter the stress, this blend has got your back!


Marjoram Vitality 5ml –

The Marjoram plant originates from the Mediterranean region of Europe and is a popular ingredient in poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes.   It has a gentle flavor that will take your meals to the next level without being overpowering.    Infuse with Olive oil to make a salad dressing or marinade.  Take in a capsule or add to a smoothie to support your immune system.



Every month the promotional items change.   Depending on how large your order is will determine how many free promos you get.

Basil Vitality 5ml

This oil is on our vitality line meaning it has been approved by the FDA to use internally.   Whether in a capsule or as a replacement to herbs in your meals.  It has a very strong flavor so start with a toothpick sized drop first and work your way up from there! It’s also great for immune and respiratory support with the seasonal changes.  You can put a few drops in a capsule to help relieve head tension, or you can use it topically to relax muscles.


Fennel 15ml

I wish I was doing oils when my son was born. I have been told countless stories about how this oil has helped women with their milk supply!  Even if you’re not a nursing momma, this oil is fantastic for you.  As early as 500 A.D. Fennel was used to ward off evil spirits! It can help you breathe more easily and even help your digestion and metabolism.  Weight goals anyone?


Tea Tree 15ml

This oil has awesome cleaning properties. I’ll be posting some DIY cleaning recipes in the future! Keep a look out for those.  Rub a drop or two on your chest for easier breathing.  Rub a drop on any blemish, or massage a few drops into your skin for a healthy scalp.    You an also diffuse this with Lemon to freshen the air in your home.


Wool Dryer Balls 

I believe this is the second time they have offered Wool Dryer Balls as an Essential Rewards Promotion in the almost 2 years I’ve been with Young Living.   One of the easiest things to switch and ditch in your home are dryer sheets!  Most of the ingredients in dryer sheets either cause Nervous System disorders or are on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list.  (   You can add essential oils directly to the dryer balls if you are obsessed with your clothes having a scent. Another added bonus of Wool Dryer Balls are that they cut down on drying time.  I turned down the temperature gauge on my dryer and set my dryer for less time.  Saving money where I can!    Oils I love to put on my dryer balls:  Tea Tree, Lemon, Purification, Lavender, Joy, Orange, Ylang Ylang.

The truth about Sunscreen

Summer is upon us, so it’s time to dive deep into the truth behind sunscreen.  This is a longer more technical read, but it’s really important, so stay with me.

Did you know it takes only 20 minutes of sun exposure for our skin to turn red? That’s not long at all!  How often are we out in the sun unprotected? I know I am out several hours a day without even thinking about it.

Why does this matter?

Why do we need sunscreen if we’re just walking to the store? After all, it’s not like we’ll be out in it all day.

Let’s talk about a few terms really quick, just to get them out of the way.

SPF – Sun Protection Factor. It’s a unit of measurement that determines how long sunscreen is supposed to protect you from UV rays. SPF 15 will protect your skin 15 times longer than if you didn’t apply sunscreen. It also blocks about 93% of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 50 blocks 98%. Anything higher than SPF 50 has negligible protection differences.  Somewhere between SPF 10 and SPF 30 is where you really want to be.

UVB rays – Exposure to these rays is what causes the redness in our sunburns. They damage the skin’s most external layer. These rays play a role in the development of skin cancer. Did you know if you’re on water, ice, or snow the UVB rays bounce back up to you so you get hit with the ray not once, but twice? These rays are the most prevalent in the US between 10 AM and 4 PM between April and October.

UVA rays – These rays account for up to 95% of the UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface. Even though they aren’t as intense as UVB, they are 30 to 50 times more prevalent. Their strength is the same during all daylight hours, all year long. They can even go through clouds and glass. They are known for playing a major part in aging, wrinkling, and leathering of the skin. They penetrate the dermis and can even cause skin cancer. UVA rays are also the most dominant tanning rays.

So in just 20 minutes, our unprotected skin is getting damaged.

How closely do we look at the sunscreen we are using?

Is it water-resistant? What’s the SPF? Is it broad-spectrum? How do we determine what is best when we have a mired of options and we’re buying this stuff last minute on our way to the beach? What about the ingredients in the sunscreen?

1) Is it water-resistant? Meaning it won’t wash off the minute our body begins to sweat or cool off in the pool.

2) What’s the SPF? How long will it keep these rays from harming your body?

3) Is it broad-spectrum? Will it protect from UVA and UVB rays?

For the best coverage, we want to make sure we’re getting something of at least 35 SPF that is broad-spectrum and water resistant. The other very important component is not having the “once and done mentality.” We assume if the SPF is 90 then we can put it on at 10 am and we’re good for the rest of the day. Or at least several hours, right? I know I used to think this way. The truth is, we need to be applying sunscreen every 2 hours. Regardless if the SPF is 10 or 90. This is especially important if we are playing in the water or sweating a lot.

What’s in your sunscreen?

The other crucial factor in choosing the best sunscreen are the ingredients involved in the product. Just like other hygiene/personal care items, sunscreen is also filled with chemicals. Here are a few of the more common ones:

Oxybenzone – This acts as a penetration enhancer. It causes all the chemicals in the sunscreen to be absorbed through your bloodstream. It also can cause allergic skin reactions. It’s an endocrine disruptor that can affect the nervous system and has been linked to cancer.  Fun Fact:  This ingredient is damaging the coral reefs. Hawaii just passed a law banning all sunscreens that contain this ingredient.

Chlorphenesin -This is a synthetic chemical that is used as a muscle relaxant, but is also a commonly found preservative in makeup and sunscreen. But that’s not all, this has been found in nipple cream as well to heal cracked and dry nipples. This chemical can cause dermatitis. Also, because of its muscle relaxing properties, it may depress a baby’s nervous system and cause slow or shallow breathing. When combined with other chemicals it may cause vomiting and diarrhea which will lead to dehydration in infants and/or sensory irritations.

Methylparaben – Any type of paraben is bad for you. They are used in cosmetics, hair care, moisturizers and you guessed it, sunscreens as a preservative. They mimic estrogen in the body which has been linked to cancer and reproductive issues.

Phenoxyethanol – Synthetic antimicrobial preservative. It has been linked to eczema, allergic reactions, infant oral exposure can affect the nervous system functions.

Avobenzone – Not terribly toxic on its own, but breaks down in the sun. It only provides about 30 minutes of UVA protection. Octocrylene is added to help make Avobenzone last longer, but it’s also an endocrine disruptor that release free radicals.

This is why Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen is such a big deal!

▪️This sunscreen is made up of naturally derived plants and mineral based ingredient, include Zinc Oxide.
▪️SPF 10
▪️Blocks UVA and UVB rays
▪️Water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes
▪️Smooths on easily and nourishes and hydrates skin at the same time.
▪️Hypo-allergenic for those with sensitive skin
▪️Dermatologist tested
▪️Apply every 80 minutes to 2 hours to prevent sunburns


Learn more, here.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

I have always appreciated and loved my mom for everything she did for us growing up.  I remember coming home from school one day while in the 2nd grade and whining to her that she hadn’t yet finished a jumper she was sewing for me.  I told her I wanted to wear it the next day to show my teacher.  After working a 9 hour day, she came home and made dinner as always and then finished my jumper.  I have no idea how late she stayed up completing it.  She probably told me no once or twice, but rather than disappoint me, she stayed up late and finished it for me.

That small act of love and self-sacrifice is something that has always stuck with me. My mom is a lovely woman. She is always serving and loving hard on other people.  She is always putting herself second. I never once heard her complain about not having relax or “me time.”  She gave and gave and gave and filled her own cup in the wee hours of the morning while everyone else was still sleeping. She is a true warrior.  A hero.  My hero.  I hope I can be a fourth of the mother she was and is.  I am truly lucky to be her daughter.

Let us honor our Mother’s this year and every day by giving her a little more “her time.”  By helping more with the kids, with dinner, groceries, and housework.  Heaven knows she has earned it.

Here are some ideas for quick and easy DIY recipes for Mother’s Day that will give her an ultimate spa experience.

(Please note, the drops to carrier ratio are not set in stone. Feel free to add more drops or more carrier oil as needed to achieve the desired result.  The carrier oils listed may be substituted for whatever you have available: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut Oil, Olive oil etc. )


Peppermint Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Directions: Blend together sugar, grapeseed oil and essential oils.  Add into glass jar and dress it up with a cute ribbon or flower.


Detoxing Bath Soak

Directions:  Blend Epsom salt, carrier oil, baking soda and oils together and place in an 8 ounce glass jar.  Tie a cute ribbon around the top and wallah!  All set!


Cuticle Care

For those mom’s who love having pampered fingernails. This cuticle recipe is the best of the west. It keeps the cuticles lavish and soft.

Directions:  Add all essential oil drops into the roller bottle. Swirl for about a minute to help incorporate them.  Then add the vitamin E oil until full, making sure to leave room for the roller filament at the top.  Tip bottle up and down gentle to incorporate all oils together. Never shake the roller bottle.   Apply to finger nails and cuticles and rub in.   Use twice daily for best results.


Relaxing Massage oil

What mom couldn’t use a nice relaxing massage?  The Jasmine in this is sweet and floral. I don’t personally feel like it’s overpowering, but some may. You can play around with the ratios to find a good scent you’re happy with.

Alternative Essential oil Combo’s:



Not into DIY?  Here are some other ideas:


Ready to dive in with me on this journey? Get all these oils 24% off!

Join me here!





Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba (pronounced Co-pah-ee-bah) Essential oil is known for its gentle, woodsy aroma.  It is considered a driving, or magnifier oil when used on top of another oil.   Copaiba is fantastic for skin care, supporting the body’s natural response to injury or puffiness and can help regulate your body’s immune response.

Fun Facts:

  • Copaiba gum is collected from the Copaifera officinalis tree. This tree can grow be as tall as 100 feet high and are found primarily in the Amazon.
  • Resin is tapped from the tree in a similar fashion as Maple Syrup.
  • Each tree is able to safely provide up to 40 liters of resin each year without damage to the tree or nearby forest.
  • The resin is then steam distilled to extract the Essential oil. 30ml of resin will produce about 15ml of Essential oil.


Vitality line:

Copaiba Essential oil is available in Young Living’s Vitality line.  This means it’s been approved by the FDA to consume.


Some Fun uses

  • Diffuse on its own or with Stress Away and/or Lavender to create a calming, warm, inviting environment.
  • Add a drop or two to your daily moisturizer to reduce the blemishes and to enhance a youthful, radiant glow.
  • Create a natural beard oil with a few drops of Copaiba, a lightweight carrier oil, and Lemon, Peppermint or Northern Lights Black Spruce.  Apply in the mornings.
  • Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage into tired muscles after an invigorating exercise
  • Add 2-3 drops of Copaiba vitality to a glass of hot water with some honey for soothing throat relief.
  • Use a drop of Copaiba vitality along jawline and on gums to soothe fussy babies.


Safety Tips:

Always start slow and dilute with a carrier oil of your choice until you know how your body reacts to the oil.


Blends well with:

  • Bergamot
  • Gentle Baby
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Panaway
  • Peace and Calming
  • Peppermint
  • Stress Away
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce
  • Wintergreen


More about me!

I thought it would be fun to do a “Get to Know me” more than just why I love Young Living so much.  I am going to be doing regular posts for a while as a Q & A to random questions I find online.  If you have your own questions add a comment or send me a message and I’ll answer them in the next post I do!  Without Further ado:


What age do you wish you could permanently be?

I think I would like to stay 32 years old.  I’m still agile and able to move and do things with minimal aging discomfort.  I also have a decent amount of world and life experience that I feel is good for my age.


What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?

Anything with Zombie, lots of gory violence or horror.  So The Walking Dead is out. Game of Thrones is out.  It by Stephen King is definitely out.  I’m just not that kind of girl.


What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

I love spending time outside, especially with family.  Camping, roasting marshmallows, playing at the beach, jet skiing, going on walks, hikes, traveling, exploring new places.  Anything outside with family is always a good time.


What is something that is considered a luxury, but you don’t think you could live without?

My phone and/or a computer or tablet of some kind.  My family is in 5 different states/countries, not including my in-laws.  Having the internet and a mode of communication is the only way we stay in touch.



What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

Is your name really Bobbi?  It’s not short for anything? Are you sure?  Why did you parents name you that?



If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like to have?

I would love to go back to life-guarding at the pool I grew up with in Utah.  I love the water. I love swimming. I had a blast working there and even though I know it’s not the same today as it was 16 years ago, I think it would still be amazing!


What’s the best way to start the day?

Snuggles from my hubby and 2 year old son. Hands-down. I’m a cuddle girl.


What one thing do you really want but can’t afford?

2018 Chevrolet Colorado.  My hubby and I priced one out one day with all the features and add-ons we would want.  It is about 55k.  It’s on our dream big list.


Where do you usually go when you when you have time off?

I usually stay home. If money was no object, I would love to travel more often.  Visit as many of the National Parks in the United States that I could.  Go to as many of the amusement and theme parks that we could. Hit up Florida, California and Hawaii beaches.


What age do you want to live to?

I haven’t given this a lot of thought before. … I would say my 90’s at least, as long as I am healthy and agile and can still take care of myself.  If I have to depend on someone night and day for basic life functions, like eating or going to the bathroom, I may reconsider things at that point. 😉